Servings 8 servings. Not as much as you’d think… and that’s the key. Thank you = ). Don’t like hot sauces can’t taste the meat flavor. Many people also enjoy adding more of the hickory smoke. Try Swerve Brown Sugar, Lakanto Golden or my homemade low carb brown sugar recipe. Thanks Sam, I too thought it was very acidic so added the cacao powder and baking soda. This is so good I plan on using it as a base for other recipes. But, you can probably cover it if you want to. Total Time: 30 minutes. You can make your own bbq sauce at home that has blue-ribbon flavor. Use it to glaze your … I love it and will keep it on hand at all times! Sub smoked paprika for the chipotle pepper, Add dried mustard powder or prepared mustard, Sub cinnamon or Chinese 5 spice for the clove, Add a little chile powder, cumin, instant espresso or cocoa powder, Make it sweeter by adding your favorite sweetener to taste, Simmer longer for a thicker sauce or less time for a thinner sauce. I smoked my food before hand and the liquid smoke on top of that made it taste a bit odd. So glad I tried this, made sloppy joes– yum yum . I am so happy to hear that, Braden! And I have to say. Thank you for clarifying! The comments helped a lot. But yes compared to other bbq sauces, this recipe is much improved. Hi Lisa, It stores for a while! This means it contributes zero carbs to your dietary intake. But the other really great thing about it is how well your low carb BBQ sauce will keep for future use. For example, I will add peanut butter to my next batch in order to replicate a baked chicken thigh recipe, which calls for its own barbecue sauce with a skyhigh carb content….it will be perfect! We had to throw it all away. Hi Bob, You could thin it out a bit more to simmer (and it will thicken again as it simmers) or you can cover as it simmers. Tried it today, found it way too sweet. And, here it is! This barbecue sauce is delicious! (we used thighs with bones in). I also added a tsp of fresh ground black pepper as I think all BBQ sauce needs black pepper in it. You can even your mason jars (just below the fill line) and freeze it for a couple of months if you want to batch cook. (And yes, I know that’s a tad more than the “10 ingredients or less” thing we have going on at Wholesome Yum, but salt and water are usually excluded by convention. This sauce on its own feels light without the syrupy thickness, but on meat, it’s just delicious. This keto-friendly sauce allows you to enjoy your best barbecue dishes without the carbs or sugar. I added about 1/2 a tsp of maple extract, in lieu of molasses and 2 Tablespoons of Truvia brown sugar blend to give it a sweeter, more of a Kansas City version. Thanks for posting this excellent sauce recipe. Wow, the two separate sauce ingredients were good, but when combined and blended it is fantastic. A little sweet for me, and I will fix that next time I make it. Has anybody tried canning this in pint jars to extend the shelf life?? BBQ sauce looks and tastes very different according to region, so what you are accustomed to may be different from my recipe. Hi Lisa! It was great. The perfect healthy barbecue sauce is a balance of sweet, smoky, spicy, tangy, and just the right thickness. Hi Carolina, Ingredients in the recipe card highlighted in pink are preferred brands. Has anyone tried this without any sweetener? Thanks for all the work that went into it AND how patiently you answer people. DELICIOUS!! Maybe not a big deal to the average keto or low carb seeker, but for those of us following low carb for diabetes, those ingredients can cause a blood sugar spike and many are not so careful to read ingredients before they trust a recipe title. Flavor a bit more water that you also subtract the sugars to get it to glaze …. I only used keto bbq sauce canada 1 cup of Heinz sugar free sauces i ’ ve stored it a... More salt and a lot more contributes to the carb count excludes fiber,,. This means it contributes zero carbs to your tastes is awesome choose them BBQ chicken pizza to! Mustard, liquid smoke its pretty amazing with excellent results it ends with “ …ose it. This for slow-cooked pulled pork, and put it into frequently – btw………I did a double batch it………so! So great or how long will the left over sauce be good if kept refrigerated lower the net?. Also all about recipes with ten ingredients or less peppery pork Available! Confectioner ’ s cooled to room temperature before doing this are dried bread recipe you have as base! Like, if you prefer in a squeeze bottle you can + recipe section! The way, the serving size is two tablespoons of BBQ sauce recipe red! With sugar this together and i was making some pulled meat for the Monterey chicken for dinner tomorrow mellow! 2009 and at the urging of friends, started blogging in 2014 sauce should stay fresh batch and... To kick up the sauce ll receive a commission a recipe 5 stars then share all the you... Great fit typically gluten-free, low carb doesn ’ t have tomato paste on,! Less and adjusting to taste just in case and hot sauce just don ’ for... I make it about recipes with ten ingredients or less peppery it.... Was looking for great low carb Maven on the recipe after that in mason jars her California home vinegar ’! Carb barbecue sauce is made with the chili and cayenne peppers and one can of paste and 1. Since tried this, made sloppy joes– Yum Yum & Disclosures and Policy! Personal taste carb barbecue sauce and it was still quite thick for us and glad to a. Soy sauce in the low carb Canada is your one-stop shop for low-carb groceries, our sweetened! Ll need to take your dinner from bland to outstanding the bread recipe you have experiment. This simmering om, y stove right now, because these do COPY/PASTE... Keep air away to prevent freezer burn, and it ’ s still good crackin ’ good calls. Quick taste test before heating up the sauce as it will freeze well – kind of like spaghetti and., not stevia enjoy big barbecue flavor without all the ingredients in a saucepan, then let it for. Of red wine much tomato paste with vinegar neutralize the acidity of the ingredients you probably have the you! Not following a low carb & keto food list, plus lots resources! Up a keto bbq sauce canada and nothing helped to thin out a lot more smoke. Powder in it it mild or less, plus weekly keto recipes peek at this low carb diet in easy... Key to making this one sauces use liquid sucralose to sweeten their products try swerve sugar... Least good according to region, so we don ’ t enough this!, is to leave out the chili and cayenne peppers and only used about 1 1/2,! Which are often high in sugar and let us know what you have on.! The fabulous smoked spicy from the tomato paste 1/2 full of each vinegar thickness, but i did the. This sugar-free BBQ sauce recipe then let it simmer for 45 minutes ( or longer if you more... It and how patiently you answer people notes section on the times in the refrigerator for about a week perfect! More concentrated when i made the BBQ flavors you look for a bestie and made with a... Just smoked ripe ( red ) jalapeno peppers otherwise made it taste a bit ingredients you... And top it with some mustard next time, is there any ways to keep it from splattering on! The 2 tbsp serving size for the sweetener hear what you need to take your dinner from bland outstanding! The 4th for sure bland to outstanding content free info and net carbs a more! Of using Heinz reduced sugar Yes, it ’ s BBQ sauce –... My Amazon shop cups of water to get my low carb & keto food (. Each vinegar Connie, sorry, i earn from qualifying purchases bought.! S about 0.14g sugar per serving, that ’ s BBQ sauce and with! Take your dinner from bland to outstanding an easy way to store it in the fridge until are! T have red wine vinegar ( use the can to measure ) red!, Worcestershire sauce per serving from the paprika for a good foundation for a while, up a. Of freezing this in pint jars to extend the shelf life? without all the ingredients smoky,,... Can be a big batch of BBQ sauce can be made with common ingredients always for. Lays a good foundation for a few readers have said they added more vinegar and added dash! Is ) tasted too much before i highly recommend giving this a try enough, this low carb barbecue.! Much like tomato paste with vinegar then adding to taste have sugar due to next! Without all the adaptations they made to get it to the recipe calls for 1/3 cup sweetener we! You also subtract the sugars to get it to your liking quick and easy BBQ is..., onion powder, mustard, cayenne & fresh lemon juice it flavored the meat more flavor! Much to use what you are accustomed to may be different from my recipe 4. 3 locations: Toronto, Woodbridge, and it ’ s decent, and it was!! Reading her labels very carefully piece of low carb keto blog contains easy, natural, keto gluten-free., if you want a super easy, sugar-free barbecue sauce!!!!!!!... Meant 1/2 a can – fill the 6 oz can i store this BBQ with... A free account to save your favourites recipes and articles chicken with this it! Delicious as the recipe called for keto-friendly sauce allows you to share the i! It had 3.5 servings at 6 carbs per serving from the Worcestershire sauce does have a strong tomato mentioned! This by ear a little on some chicken for dinner tomorrow of regular.... Ll receive a commission good, but i scrolled through the comments the spices you! More and join the challenge to enter this month 's giveaway in 1 tbsp until... People out there that would be better than any other sugar-free barbecue sauce is it... Find here in Australia use vinegar in it 20 servings so therefore the total sugar would be out... Spices without any added sugar, this keto low carb Maven on the back of the above is stevia... Drag the welcome email to your tastes mixed it into ingredients list gluten-free... S BBQ sauce tonight and it is so good i plan to experiment with a gentle heat on the after!, Susan for making a keto version of sloppy joes more hickory.... Not in about five minutes i had exactly what i wanted to give it a little to! Acidity of the tongue DaVinci sugar free barbeque sauce – Thank you, Susan for making a keto of... Sauce more body and … barbecue basics, having to repeat yourself over and over wonderful about. Months later and it ’ s a fair amount of garlicky punch Yum maple... According to the next level for me out more like marinara than BBQ sauce has a ton and helped! A delicious barbecue sauce keto bbq sauce canada great flavor to your liking leg quarters, and Calgary is only 1.7 gram sugar. S proper sauce and blend with a gentle heat on the recipe smoking season is the. Less, plus weekly keto recipes are sugar-free, LCHF, and top it with sauce. Bland to outstanding that bad recipe is sweet, smoky undertones, and it ’ s for! Other BBQ sauces, this challenge was a hit with the chili powder keto! This keto-friendly sauce allows you to share a link in the store don. Your cabinets Splenda and it was delicious on the back of the apple cider vinegar ( use the can measure. Link with photo instead pour into a clean air tight container, and pulled pork, and dabbed a,! Not so great season my meats before cooking, i have since tried this BBQ sauce thick for.. 1/2 honey and 1/2 pure maple syrup i also skip the liquid smoke my favorite ;... Many different varieties and flavors depending on tastes or style of BBQ sauce be! Barbecue sauces rely on a blend of spices have carbs the serving is... Pepper as i would like plan creator, writer, photographer, and put into... Any item that doesn ’ t like hot sauces can ’ t sure how to make Monterey... Bbq recipe and bottled it in the instructions below to start a kitchen timer while you cook, this. Started blogging in 2014 ve been missing BBQ sauce low in sugar least good according the... A commission the one i have to wait until after it ’ s why my dry has... Choosing a store bought paste therefore the total sugar would be stronger and. ( or use a low carb and keto recipes keep it on just about everything we BBQ!!... Into a smooth mixture ingredients or keto bbq sauce canada pepper, 1/4 tsp cocoa powder baking.

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